Nation's Largest Audio Show – Here in Denver

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Nation's Largest Audio Show – Here in Denver

The following is a press release issued by Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

September 18, 2015 - It’s become the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the nation - a virtual audio wonderland. Denver’s own Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, founded 12 years ago by two small local audio companies, now showcases more than 400 brands - from the affordable, to the absurd; from high-end specialty companies to Industry giants. The annual event draws vendors and audio enthusiasts from around the globe.

Amazingly, in 2010 during this wonderfully challenging economic environment, an additional floor of exhibitors was added, showcasing even more international and domestic manufacturers. In reaction to the current economy, the show also features an increase in the number of “affordable” audio components. Furniture is removed from over 170 of the hotel’s sleeping rooms and manufacturers will set up complete stereo systems for attendees to audition. Visitors are encouraged to go from room to room, have a seat and casually listen. Many bring their own iPods, discs or vinyl records to the show, as most exhibitors are happy to play one or two favorite songs as a fair test of the equipment sound quality. A variety of equipment types are demonstrated, ranging from affordable separate components and systems to ultra-expensive high-end gear. In addition, there will be live entertainment, with show specials, raffles and prize drawings throughout the weekend.

First time attendees can get oriented by visiting the Colorado Audio Society table near the registration desk. There, volunteers will explain and give guided tours of the event’s complex and lively layout -including the several floors of demo rooms and displays. Seminars are still being finalized, covering a variety of topics relating to the audio hobby. Check the website for all current information.

Admission is $10 for one day or $25 for a weekend pass. Students and seniors get in for half price. Show hours are Fri. 12 - 7pm; Saturday 9am - 6pm; Sunday 9am - 4pm. Tickets and more information are available at