Munich High End 2019: Seen and Heard

Highlights in Photos

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Munich High End 2019: Seen and Heard

Editor's Note: The intended format of this report is a photo essay. My full, more traditional text-driven report on Electronics and sounds at the show will be forthcoming. 

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Lifestyle Demos

Like it or not, "lifestyle" audio continues to emerge, not only in the form of new products such as all-in-ones, but also could be seen in more serious audio setups from venerable companies who sought to create a more pleasingly home-like environment inside their demo rooms.

Color Rules

The use of vivid color—burnt orange and red in particular—for serious audio components' materials and/or finishes stood out at the High End Munich show once again this year. 


Horn loudspeakers turn up in greater numbers at High End Munich than at any other audio show in our experience (you might even call it a horny show). And yes, they often come in a wide array of color choices.

Unique Demos and Other Surprises

Some rooms featured special guests who presented demos beyond the traditional audiophile realm, including a little live music, insights into recorded music, and more.