Muddy Waters: Folk Singer

Album review
Muddy Waters: Folk Singer

Muddy Waters

Folk Singer

Label: Analogue Productions
Media: SACD
Genre: Rock/pop

Muddy Waters’ Folk Singer is no stranger to the reissue circuit. From MoFi in the early 90s to Classic Records’ more recent vinyl release, this is a perennial audiophile favorite. So what could justify another edition? Well, how about a 45rpm set from Analogue Productions’ recently launched Quality Record Pressings Facility, mastered by Bernie Grundman, in a beautiful gatefold jacket with extra sessions shots? It’s been ages since I’ve heard LP surfaces this quiet—as in dead quiet. The expense and effort that Chad Kassem and company put into this venture are immediately obvious. The air, dynamic range, harmonic complexity, instrumental texture, verve in Waters’ voice, and sheer sense of four guys making music together bring this recording to life as never before. It’s by far the best sounding and most engaging version yet. The SACD, while certainly excellent, sounds somewhat glossed over, not as dynamically explosive or rhythmically driving. Compare the brushed snare thwacks during “My Home Is In The Delta.” On SACD they sound pretty much the same; on vinyl each one is clearly hit with a different amount of impact. Digital fans won’t be disappointed, but analog lovers will be in hog heaven. 

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  • primary artist, Muddy Waters
  • SACD

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