MQA Amplifies Hi-Res Audio Activity at CES 2017

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MQA Amplifies Hi-Res Audio Activity at CES 2017

The following is a press release issued by MQA.

Las Vegas/London | 5 January 2017: MQA is an official supporter of the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion at CES, and will be participating in the DEG-led initiative to showcase studio quality music and premium streaming services.  Occupying a unique position as an enabling technology for music services, record labels and device manufacturers, MQA will support the activities of partner companies who are based on the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion, as well as those exhibiting elsewhere at CES.

Eric Boulanger, founder and award-winning mastering engineer at The Bakery in Los Angeles, will be taking part in a live demonstration at 1pm on Thursday 5 January at the Pavilion. “MQA will be the first opportunity, in the history of recorded music, to directly link the music listener to the mastering studio, revolutionising my job and its importance,” says Boulanger of the MQA format.

Music services update
Global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL, has launched a new ‘master’ audio feature and is offering MQA music to all TIDAL HiFi subscribers.

TIDAL is committed to bringing members closer to their favourite musicians and offering MQA sound quality will allow subscribers to hear music just as it was recorded in the studio,” said a TIDAL representative.

Hi-res download store, HIGHRESAUDIO, is also expanding its MQA offering with releases from selected Warner Music artists now available for download.

New partner announcements from Technics, AudioQuest and Audirvana
Technics are announcing the implementation of MQA into their Grand Class SU-G30 Network Player Amplifier in Spring 2017.

Michiko Ogawa, Director of Technics & Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation, had the following to say in support of MQA: “The rapidly growing music streaming industry needs essential audio technologies like MQA to deliver an authentic music experience to a mass audience. We are delighted to be working with MQA to help achieve this goal.”

AudioQuest, are also announcing MQA implementation in their USB DAC products, DragonFly Red and Black. MQA will be available to AudioQuest customers later this month via a free software update. Steve Silberman, VP of Development, commented: “AudioQuest aims to deliver amazing sound quality and MQA implementation in our products demonstrates this commitment. We’re very excited to offer AudioQuest customers the best possible audio experience.” MQA demonstrations will be in the AudioQuest Venetian suites 30-105 and 30-106, and at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion.

Audirvana, creator of Audirvana Plus, the High-Fidelity software player for macOS, announced that MQA decoding will be available in the upcoming Audirvana Plus 3, which is due for release early 2017.  “The integration of MQA technology is a major step towards enabling all Mac users to hear their favourite artists as if they were right there in front of them,” commented Audirvana founder Damien Plisson.

MQA partner updates
Mytek has launched the Mytek Clef, a powerful high fidelity headphone amplifier and DAC that is MQA-enabled.  The new Mytek Clef will be on display at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion in Central Hall and will be shipping in the second quarter of 2017.

NAD Electronics and Bluesound will be offering demonstrations of several MQA-enabled products at The Venetian, Suite 30-235.  Products include the PULSE SOUNDBAR, the first soundbar to support MQA.

Pioneer’s next-generation XDP-300R digital audio player will be demonstrated along with a sneak-peek of its new entry-level DAP.  Onkyo will be displaying the next iteration of its award-winning digital audio player with the DP-X1A alongside its new entry-level model.  Joining the digital audio players will be a preview of Onkyo’s new hi-res smartphone.  All products include MQA implementation and will be demonstrated in the Venetian at suite 29-309.

Useful information
- MQA has a base on the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion, Booth #14546 in Central Hall of LVCC.

- MQA will be present at the DEG press conference, room S228 of the LVCC, 12-1.30pm on Thursday 5 January.

- Other MQA partners demonstrating at the Venetian include:

  • Bel Canto suite 29-318
  • Brinkmann suite 29-201 (Vandersteen room)
  • MSB suite 29-211
  • Aurender (Martin Logan room) 30-118

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