Most Significant Trend at CES

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Music servers and computer audio
Most Significant Trend at CES

Most Important Trend

The most significant trend at this year's CES was undoubtedly the rise of devices whose names start with a lowercase “i” as music-sources. The iPad and iPhone were everywhere as sources, with high-end manufacturers incorporating in their products interfaces to seamlessly integrate their units with those from Apple. For example, B&W showed an all-new version of their huge hit, the Zeppelin portable music player. Rather than depend on the iPod docking station to get music into the Zeppelin, the new model incorporates an Apple AirPort Express so that you can stream music wirelessly from an iPad. The demo I saw was very cool; you sit on a couch and send music content from your iPad to multiple Zeppelins throughout the house (one at a time) with complete control over the Zeppelin and your music library via the iPad’s touchscreen.

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