Most Significant Product Introduction at CES

Solid-state power amplifiers
Constellation Altairs
Most Significant Product Introduction at CES

Most Significant Product Introduction

The new line of electronics from Constellation Audio is perhaps the most ambitious assault yet on the state of the art in audio amplification. This Australian company who brought us the Continuum turntable has engaged a team of the world’s best designers (including John Curl, Bascom King, and Demian Martin, with Peter Madnick as the project leader) to create no-holds-barred products. The company showed the Hercules monoblock amplifiers ($70,000 each) and Altair preamplifier ($65k), which are now in production and received their North American debut. The Altairs are the largest power amplifiers I’ve ever seen, and are rated at 1100W into 8 ohms and can double their power as the impedance is halved. A 240V line is required to guarantee this output power. The design and build quality of these products is unprecedented; the Hercules’ chassis is machined from two solid blocks of aluminum that fit together to form an apparently seamless monolith. The circuitry inside is isolated in encapsulated modules and then suspended on a compliant platform. Every other aspect of the design is executed with fanatical attention to detail. Watch for a preview soon.