Morrow Audio Launches Aggressive Challenge

Cincinnati-based High-end Audio Cable Company to Attend RMAF 2015 to Unveil New Products, Introduce Renowned SSI Technology, and Highlight Controversial Promotion

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Morrow Audio Launches Aggressive Challenge

The following is a press release issued by Morrow Audio.

CINCINNATI, OH | September 28, 2015Morrow Audio, a Cincinnati-based high-end audio cable manufacturer, announced today that it will head to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado this week to build momentum on its current success of the launch of a promotional program that has turned the ears of many in the high-end  audio industry. 

Morrow Audio is a designer and manufacturer of high-end audio cables and components. With customers spanning six continents in 68 countries, Morrow Audio products are individually handcrafted, customer-focused and quality-driven. Morrow cables include audiophile, musician, studio and home theater lines. Morrow-made products provide audiophiles and music-lovers unmatched presence, clarity, full soundstage and realism to the listening experience.  Now gaining attention and its share in the world of high-end audio, Morrow Audio decided it was time to prove exactly how their quality of products at lower prices surpass their competitors.  In late August, Morrow announced an aggressive and controversial promotion encouraging audiophiles and music-lovers to “Take the Morrow Challenge” and “Trade Up To Morrow”. 

“We may be a small company in the world of big audio,” said Mike Morrow, president & CEO or Morrow Audio.  “But, we stand by the quality and integrity of our hand-crafted products as the best in the world because they allow listeners to experience beautifully and fully, a flawless and immersive sound.”

The program is easy: Customers can trade up to Morrow Audio cables by trading in their existing brand within 60 days.  The customer gets an immediate 45% off the like-product of choice (keeping their own cables) and tries Morrow for 60 days without obligation.  If the customer believes theirs are better, they simply keep their cables and ship back the Morrow ones for a full refund.  Otherwise, if they agree Morrow is the best, they send in theirs for the “trade up” and keep the Morrow Audio cables with a lifetime warranty. 

The company launched a comprehensive branding program earlier this year with its tagline “A Sound Decision” claiming their stake in the industry worldwide.  Morrow Audio attributes their growth and attention to an exclusive technology that has a remarkable impact on what listeners hear, feel and experience in their music.  The company implements its innovation through its exclusive SSI Technology which separates its handcrafted products, quality and uniqueness from competitors.  SSI consists of a proprietary silver-coated copper wiring that is “solid core,” “small gauge” and “individually insulated” giving listeners profound precision in their music and greatly reducing cable distortions common in most other cable designs.  Morrow cable lines include speaker and phono cables, interconnects, iPod and headphone cables, subwoofer, digital, power cords, guitar cables and more.   

“Everyone deserves to hear every detail and intricacy perfectly in the music and performances they enjoy,” said Morrow.  “With our SSI Technology, we have made listening a more accurate and vibrant experience for audiophiles and music lovers—that’s why we are giving away a $1,000 Morrow cable shopping spree in Denver.”  Morrow is also giving away a 64-GB iPod Touch with its shopping spree prize drawing.

The company announced in 2014 its highest-tier cable lines known as the “Elite Grand Reference” series that have as many as 192 runs of SSI-manufactured wiring.  Morrow Audio prides itself in providing the highest quality cable products priced to fit varied budgets ranging from $49.99 to $3,999 and is known for its highly competitive 60-day return policy, Trade-up and Easy Pay programs.  Morrow recently unveiled its musician and studio line of cables with its newly developed guitar cable, “The Phoenix,” recognized as the best in the industry in 20 years according to the 2015 World International Blues Contest Winner.

Morrow Audio’s industry partner, Legacy Audio, famous for high-end speakers, uses many cable brands including Morrow cables in their systems throughout industry trade shows. “Morrow Audio cables are very well crafted,” said Legacy Audio President Bill Dudleston.  “Using Morrow cables in our systems, Legacy has received numerous ‘best-of-show’ accolades at audio shows around the country.”

“Our partnerships and SSI Technology are key for business while being attentive to our consumers’ needs,” said Morrow.  “That’s how our customers know they’ve made a sound decision for their home theater, studio and anywhere they listen to the music they enjoy.”