Morrow Audio Improves SSI Cable Technology

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Morrow Audio Improves SSI Cable Technology

The following is a press release issued by Morrow Audio.

August 31, 2018 - Morrow Audio, a major high end audio cable manufacturer whose products span 70 countries, has recently developed some major improvements to their existing SSI Cable Technology design.

“We are always striving for perfection,” Mike Morrow said. “Any improvements we discover, we implement and pass it on to our customers. We have now discovered some areas of improvement, taking our already excellent SSI cable design to a whole new level.”

The new design has been incorporated into their interconnects, speaker cables, speaker jumpers, REL subwoofer upgrade cable, Y cables, I-Pad and mini cables in their lineup.

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Existing Morrow Audio customers have a limited time opportunity to trade to the new design.

Customer feedback

"I have concluded that the new designed MA5's you sent me are excellent. Far better than the original design MA5, with better bass and treble, clearer midrange, better soundstage and most importantly much improved overall musicality. So I am very pleased with the new design and will be keeping them. Many thanks for your help, I'm so pleased that you suggested I try your "newly developed cable" as compared to the old one, this is something special." Gary

"I got my new Morrow Audio speaker cables today. Thank you for sending me the updated model. All I can say is WOW! The whole frequency range is purer. Highs are crystal. The soundstage is excellent and the 3D effect is far improved. I am a happy boy today. These are unbelievably great speaker cables, Mike. I truly cannot believe how good my gear sounds now. I have a couple of 12" closed box Rythnik subwoofers that I have been using. These are very good subs - very quick and musical - no muddiness. BUT, my main speakers go below 30 anyway so I decided to try listening without the subs hooked up to see how your cables would handle that. My God man, the mains - Odeon Tosca from Germany - sound better than the system did before with subs contributing. Just amazing." Frank R