MIT Announces “Listening To The Science of Audio” Seminar

MIT Announces  “Listening To The Science of Audio” Seminar

Whether live or recorded, we all love to listen to music. What should we listen to and for? What engineering parameters are important to the realistic recreation of musical instruments and an accurate portrayal of the recording environment? What do studio engineers and equipment designers listen for as they create their products for us? How does it all relate back to the physics of music, and how does our perception affect our enjoyment of the music and our playback systems? Learn how listening plays a part in all stages of the process, and what should be listened for in our quest for musical enjoyment.

Topics include how harmonics and intervals make things sound the way they do, and tips from industry pros on how they listen critically to music during the recording and mastering process.

Panelists include:

Bruce and Timothy Brisson from Music Interface Technologies

Tony Weber, Cary Audio

Cookie Marenco, Blue Coast Records

Paul Stubblebine, Paul Stubblebine Mastering

Special Guest: Col Lowell E. Graham (ret.)

Col Lowell E. Graham has held numerous conducting positions to include that of the Commander and Conductor of the United States Air Force’s premier musical organization in Washington, DC. As a USAF Colonel, he became the senior ranking musician in the Department of Defense.

Graham has released recordings on five labels–Klavier, Telarc, Mark, Altissimo and Wilson–that have been recognized for both their artistic and sonic excellence. These recordings have been recognized in Stereophile’s “Records to Die-For” list, The Absolute Sound’s “The Super Disc List,” as well as one having won a Grammy.

Where: Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, CO
Venue: Denver Marriott Tech Center, Aspen Amphitheater
When: Saturday Oct 13 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM

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