Micromega MySpeaker with MyAmp Inside


Equipment report
Micromega MySpeaker
Micromega MySpeaker with MyAmp Inside

Sonically, MySpeaker put on quite a display of solid midbass/midrange dynamics and output. In balance it had a slight forward lean but possessed an openness that was arresting in this price class. Images were depicted with physical weight and dimension rather than as mere cardboard cutouts. Unusual for a speaker of this size, I could discern the actual physical presence of musicians behind the music—a greater realization of the live performance.

Vocals were smooth, and revealed a nice degree of air and lift that enhanced their expressiveness. I would have preferred a hint more chestiness with male singers, baritone sax, or cello, but you’ll hear no real complaints from me on that score. There were traces of vocal sibilance during Holly Cole’s cover of “I Can See Clearly” but in general the tweeter was nicely integrated into the frequency spectrum with only minor hints of localization. This slight discontinuity was most likely due to a small energy dip near the crossover point.

Bass response extended confidently into the fifty-cycle range with little apparent effort. As I listened to tracks from Ray Brown’s Soular Energy and Jen
Chapin’s ReVisions I was able to follow acoustic bass lines with notable timbral accuracy, a tightly controlled attack, and a feeling of room-filling weight. Even big fanfare music like the National Symphonic Winds Winds of War and Peace didn’t ruffle this game little speaker. Still, size matters. Although MySpeaker never shied away from higher sound-pressure levels, it ultimately revealed its econo-roots nature with a little bit of port overhang—a sensation of looseness and over-bloom in the midbass that could mask high-frequency detail. In most smaller settings however, MySpeaker could deliver more than enough low-end impact to satisfy all but the most sadistic head-bangers.

One thing I’ve got to say for the MySpeaker: It’s got guts. While it has limits, it doesn’t shrink from orchestral crescendos. It dug into the crunch-groove of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” with plenty of gusto. During the Manhattan Jazz Quintet’s rendition of “Autumn Leaves,” brass transients were swift, and solo piano was reproduced with good note-to-note articulation, although some of the finer elements of ambient information and harmonic air seemed a little squeezed. As one would expect with a loudspeaker of this spec, there was some dynamic compression. But with a few exceptions MySpeaker adeptly handled just about every example of sonic firworks I could throw at it, from Dire Straits’ “Telegraph Road” to the histrionics of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture courtesy of André Previn and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Versatility and convenience define the wireless game. Whether it’s a small den, dorm or desktop, music or TV, Micromega’s MySpeaker/MyAmp excels in this role—happy to perform for one person or an entire Eight Is Enough family. The fact that it’s also a superior sonic performer makes it a complete musical bundle. Micromega’s wireless wonder is a one-outlet winner.

Specs & Pricing

Type: Two-way, powered compact, bass-reflex enclosure
Drivers: 1" tweeter, 5.25" driver
Frequency response: 50Hz–20kHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity (at 1W/1m): 90dB 
Impedance: 4 ohms
Dimensions: 12.4" x 7.5" x 12.5"
Weight: 25 lbs./pr.
Power output: 30Wpc into 8 ohms
Price: $999

156 Lawrence Paquette Industrial Drive
Champlain, NY 12919
(800) 663-9352