Download Roundup - Michael Jackson: Bad

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Download Roundup - Michael Jackson: Bad

Michael Jackson


Label: Epic
Genre: Rock/pop

When we reminisce about MichaelJackson in his prime, most of us think of Thriller or perhaps Off the Wall. Yet Bad was another solid collaboration betweenthe “King of Pop” and producer QuincyJones. The album includes a surprising number of hits, including the title track, “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Man in the Mirror,” “I Just Can’t stop lovingYou,” and “smooth Criminal.” Theyall hold up well, and all give the lie to the legion of feeble MJ pretenders that populate modern pop radio.

The “25th Anniversary Edition” CD is a bit more bass-heavy than the download. I suspect that in this respect the CD is “right,” given the nature of the music, but who really knows in this purely electronic context? In any event, the CD is mildly punchier than the download, but the atter more than compensates by being liberated from the CD’s digital edge. 

This last point should not be taken lightly. Jackson’s voice on the download is far more dimensional and refined. The entire presentation is smoother, which is a good thing because this jagged, synthesized music can do without any sonic “help” in those departments. Overall, the download is simply muchmore listenable than the CD.

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