Metronome Technologie Releases LE DAC D/A Conveter

Digital-to-analog converters
Metronome Technologie Releases LE DAC D/A Conveter

The following is a press release issued by Metronome.

January 3, 2019 - LE DAC by METRONOME will not surprise anyone who had been interesting to the brand for some years. The external design is classic, and LE DAC dimensions and materials have already been seen on many products : massive alloy front plate, 2mm-thick steel chassis, Delrin® feet.

Inside the box are also present the essential elements of a Metronome’s top-range DAC : Asahi Kasei’s conversion processor, high-end electronic components, and the famous Métronome’s power supplies savoir-faire.

LE DAC will be shipping in January 2019, it is available in Silver and Black finishes, and the Manufacturer Suggested Retail price is US$ 6,800.00.

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