Merrill-Williams Introduces New Turntable and Significant Upgrade

Merrill-Williams Introduces New Turntable and Significant Upgrade

January 14, 2015 - Merrill-Williams announced a significant upgrade to its original R.E.A.L. 101 turntable system, as well as a new, more affordable turntable: The PolyTable. Following are excerpts from the Press Release:

The Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. 101.2 is again a totally new approach to turntable design. Using a patented R.ubber E.lastomeric A.coustic L.aminate along with other new innovations the Energy Management Design principals are raised to a new level. The 101.2 differs from the 101 by incorporated several features:  Built in Strobe, Fluid Damped Motor, Black Phenolic Plinth and Bubble Level.

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The PolyTable

The PolyTable is designed for the music lover who wishes for a quality turntable but is on a tight budget. The simple design criteria is to provide a quality product for anyone purchasing their first true high performance turntable. The looks are striking. The sound performance will best any table in the price category and beyond.

PolyTable price $1495.00


  • Plinth is designed to minimize energy movement
  • Unique looks
  • Two piece platter system with RCC Mat
  • Adjustable leveling feet.
  • Built in bubble level.
  • As with the most expensive tone arms the supplied tonearm (Jelco SA250) provides VTF, VTA and azimuth adjustment. This allows an upgrade to any cartridge.
  • A quality 1.5 meter Audioquest cable is provided.
  • 33.3 - 45 RPM operation. 60 Hz
  • Made in USA by George Merrill