Meridian Introduces the Director DAC

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Meridian Director
Meridian Introduces the Director DAC

August 5, 2013 - Meridian has announced the introduction of Director, a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio performance from digital sources such as media players, CD players and computers. Built in Britain to the same exacting standards as any Meridian product, Director provides the highest quality link between digital sources and a conventional analogue audio system.

Featuring a range of connectivity, Director can be used with a wide selection of traditional components as well as high-resolution USB based sources. Director features technology drawn from Meridian’s award-winning Reference 800 Series, offering up to 24-bit resolution and 192khz sampling and the full range of proprietary Meridian resolution enhancement technologies such as Upsampling and Apodising that has made Meridian the leading name in digital home entertainment.

Director is a compact, elegant and robust DAC particularly suitable for installation applications and is an ideal upgrade for network players, video streamers and music servers, bringing superior performance to an entire class of audio products, significantly out-performing the standard DACs found inside these devices.

Key Features

·      Takes digital audio from USB, Optical and Coax S/PDIF
·      Up to 24-bit, 192kHz Digital to Analogue conversion
·      Direct-coupled, fixed output for connection to an audio system
·      Meridian Resolution Enhancement technologies including Upsampling and Apodizing
·      Music grade power supply capacitors
·      4-layer PC board minimises noise and improves performance
·      Durable, elegant anodised metal enclosure
·      Hand made in the UK

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Meridian Director USB and S/PDIF DAC: US Price $699.00
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Meridian is based near Cambridge, UK, and was founded in 1977 by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd. With over 35 years’ history of innovation and development of uncompromised consumer home entertainment systems offering exceptional performance, this award-winning company is widely recognised as a world leader in high-quality audio and video reproduction. Meridian developed the first audiophile CD player, the world’s first consumer digital surround controller, and the MLP lossless packing system included in Blu-ray Disc. The company’s optical disc players, DSP-based loudspeakers, video projectors, and scalers are unique in the industry, maintaining a super-quality digital signal throughout the path from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing to deliver both a sweet, natural sound and smooth, crystal-sharp images with true cinematic realism. In late 2008, Meridian acquired leading networked media server developer Sooloos, and today the Meridian Digital Media System offers a unique combination of superb digital audio quality with the world’s most innovative, flexible and intuitive touch screen.