Meridian Audio Core 200 System (Playback 52)

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Meridian Core 200 System
Meridian Audio Core 200 System (Playback 52)

 Meridian’s ability to consistently produce top-echelon audio gear that combines technological advancement with ergonomic elegance is only equaled by their breathtakingly high pricetags. But once the initial shock at the number of 0s, 9s and 5s attached to the prices subsides, it’s easy to be seduced by Meridian’s Siren song. Their gear works and sounds fabulous.

Just as Goldilocks chose the middle road for her sleeping accommodations, Meridian hopes that prospective owners will find their new Audio Core 200 system to be the perfect system for small and mid-sized rooms. In terms of price and capabilities it sits right between the Meridian F80 tabletop unit and their full-blown 800 series components.

The Audio Core 200 stereo system consists of an Audio Core controller and two DSP 3200 powered/active/digital speakers. The system can be hooked up to almost any source you can think of. It supports digital sources via two S/PDIF and USB inputs, analog via both RCA and mini connections, and any Meridian network device via its Meridian SpeakerLink connections. Audio Core Outputs include twin SpeakerLink connections and one 3.5mm stereo analog variable-level headphone output.


Meridian DSP 3200 technical highlights:

•Drivers: 165mm polypropylene bass driver, 85mm aluminum full-range driver. The full range driver in particular allows the, “DSP crossover frequency to be outside the speech band, for an effortless sound that remains clear, open and spacious, even at high listening levels.”

•Onboard Amplifiers: 2 x 75 Wpc, one for each driver, distortion < 0.02% “at any frequency or drive level.”

•Onboard DSP system:

Provides electronic crossover functions.

Provides dynamic bass protection functions that deliver “very accurate transients,” while also providing, “clear, accurate, quality sound even at high levels and for prolonged periods.”
Provides loudness compensation functions said to deliver “ bigger sound that remains balanced even at low listening levels.”