MasterBuilt Audio Official Debut

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MasterBuilt Audio Official Debut

The following is a press release issued by MasterBuilt Audio.

California | December 22, 2016 - MasterBuilt Audio is pleased to announce the official debut of our high-resolution audio cables with the unveiling of four complete product lines – Performance, Reference, Signature and Ultra – which range from entry-level to the ultimate in signal fidelity. Each of these product lines offers the full range of cables to connect and compliment any sound system, including power cords, digital cables, interconnects, and speaker cables.

This announcement marks the culmination of nearly 10 years of research and development in signal-transmission science for the purpose of hi-fi audio. The genesis of MasterBuilt Audio’s groundbreaking cables can be traced back to the U.S. aerospace program. Our engineers benefit from the latest in signal-transmission technology developed for mission-critical projects requiring wire systems with the lowest-reactance. From refinement to final fabrication, our audio cables are manufactured wholly in the U.S. by leaders in the aerospace industry.

The end result delivers what we have found to be the purest transmission with the lowest distortion or noise level currently available by any cable on the market.

Early in the development process we collaborated with Von Schweikert Audio. Immediately impressed with the performance, they began using our cables at audio shows and later as the internal wiring for their entire line of loudspeakers. Through this co-development process, our cables have performed at numerous audio shows over the last six years alongside many industry-leading components, garnering both recognition and several show awards.

While these awards are significant, MasterBuilt Audio understands the need to demonstrate its individual performance claims and will seek reviews from the critical press for 2017 as part of our product rollout. To assist with this launch, we have partnered with Von Schweikert Audio as our global distributor in order to build our distribution network. Interested dealers and international distributors should contact Mr. Leif Swanson for details on available territories.

MasterBuilt Audio
Globally Distributed by Von Schweikert Audio
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