Maria Muldaur: Steady Love

Album review
Maria Muldaur: Steady Love

Maria Muldaur

Steady Love

Label: Stony Plain
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

On her stomping “Soulful Dress,” Maria Muldaur sings that ”I’ll be at my best when I put on my soulful dress.” Her enticing, smoky-voiced boast about how appealing she is in a certain figure-flattering garment is apt, for Steady Love is that garment, a potent, uplifting collection of thick- textured blues, gospel, and classic R&B with a Crescent City feel courtesy of stellar New Orleans players, in response to whom Muldaur rises to an exalted plane of feeling, finesse, and funkiness. Add faith to the alliterative litany, too, as her gritty testifying on the Rev. W.H. Brewster’s timely, topical gospel shuffle “As An Eagle Stirreth In Her Nest” has spiritual magnitude Mavis Staples would envy. She practically dances in the pulpit on the roof-raising “Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down,” with an amen chorus seconding her preacherly importuning about self-respect, and enhances “Please Send Me Someone To Love,” Percy Mayfield’s classic blues ballad plea for tolerance, with a gritty, lowdown attack while updating the lyrics to address a multitude of contemporary woes. Sonically, Steady Love is a hot, roiling ensemble mix that complements the heat our gal brings. She wears her soulful dress well. 

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  • primary artist, Maria Muldaur
  • CD

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