Marantz Launches Two New Products to Hi-Fi Line

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Marantz Launches Two New Products to Hi-Fi Line

Mahwah, NJ, August 14, 2013—Marantz®, a world leader in advanced home entertainment solutions, announces the launch of the PM6005 hi-fi stereo integrated amplifier and the CD6005 hi-fi compact-disc player to its line of Hi-Fi Components for audiophiles looking for outstanding sound quality at a great value. An upgrade of the award-winning PM6004 integrated amplifier, the new PM6005 adds digital audio decoding, along with Marantz’s exclusive HDAM® (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology. The new CD6005 features advanced audio circuitry, compatibility with compact discs, many files types, files stored on USB memory devices, and portable audio players.

“With the introduction of these two new models, Marantz is putting focus on the hi-fi market and bringing to it products that represent a combination of the best in new technology at a price point many consumer can appreciate,” said Paul Belanger, product manager, D+M Group. “They build on our acclaimed previous 6004 series, featuring improved components and circuitry for optimized audio quality and expanded connectivity.”

PM6005 Integrated Amplifier (MSRP: $699)

Based on the award winning Marantz model PM6004 integrated amplifier, the PM6005 adds digital audio decoding, via the reference class CS4398 24 bit/192 kHz high current D/A converter, along with exclusive HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology. In addition to analog audio inputs, the new PM6005 includes optical and coaxial digital audio inputs for direct connection to digital audio sources such as CD players, televisions and media players. The power amplifier features current feedback for wide-range, low-distortion sound quality with many different speaker types.

The power supply is equipped with a high current, shielded toroidal transformer and large-capacity Shottky Barrier Diodes that provide high-current and high-speed conversion capability. The PM6005 has two sets of gold-plated speaker terminals for connection to two pairs of loudspeakers, and the all-discrete headphone amplifier is compatible with virtually any headphone type, regardless of impedance or sensitivity. The PM6005 is rated at 45 watts per channel (8 ohms) and 60 watts per channel (4 ohms).

According to Paul, “The new PM6005 integrated amplifier builds on our acclaimed PM6004 by featuring an improved power supply and upgraded digital connectivity. The PM6005 performs brilliantly with customers’ various speaker types, headphones, digital audio equipment, and turntables.” 

CD6005 Hi-Fi Compact-Disc Player (MSRP: $499)

The CD6005 is designed to deliver the utmost in musical fidelity. Featuring a range of reference-class technologies, the CD6005 includes Marantz’s exclusive HDAMdiscrete circuit topology along with a high-resolution CS4398 D/A conversion system, which delivers up to 192 kHz/24 bit resolution.

The center-mount CD drive mechanism is securely fastened to the chassis to minimize vibrations, and the digital audio circuit block is housed in its own shielded subsection. The player is compatible with music CDs, CD-R and CD-RW discs, and can play a wide range of file types, including WAV, AAC, WMA and MP3 files. A convenient USB port on the front panel works with many USB memory devices, and is iPod and iPhone compatible so users can enjoy their favorite iTunes tracks with thrilling sound quality.

The CD6005 player even provides a headphone amplifier circuit in a discrete configuration that outperforms separate headphone amps and lets users enjoy high-speed, high-resolution sound through their headphones. To round out listeners’ total enjoyment of music, the CD6005 is equipped with an easy-to-read two-line alphanumeric fluorescent display, and includes a remote control unit that can also operate the matching PM6005 integrated amplifier.

Three-Year Warranty

The PM6005 and the CD6005 come with a three-year warranty for parts and labor.

Sixty Years of Excellence in Audio Technology

In 2013, Marantz is celebrating its 60th anniversary of providing consumers with premium-quality home entertainment products featuring pristine audio reproduction. Since its’ founding in 1953 by music lover and audio innovator Saul B. Marantz, the company’s design engineers have continued to push the boundaries of technical excellence in sound quality. Each incremental breakthrough is celebrated by the company as a forward step that brings music reproduction closer the artist’s vision.

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Marantz America, LLC, is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated 60 years ago by founder Saul Marantz. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, Marantz audio and video components are carried only by the nation’s premier audio/video specialty retailers. Marantz America, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of D+M Group.