Manger Audio Back in US Market

Manger Audio Back in US Market

The following is a press release issued by Manger Audio.

December 22, 2016 - Manger Audio is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution arrangement with Elite Audio Systems to make these products available to US market.  The partnership between Manger and Elite has been a long term project. According to Elite Audio’s CEO Michael Woods, “We’ve had an eye on Manger Audio for a while, and saw their systems win awards and loyal fans in Europe and Asia. We want to give those experiences to our clients as well.”

Manger’s goal has always been clear: deliver an audio experience that feels like a live concert. For 45 years, Manger Audio has dedicated its research, engineering and craftsmanship to that objective, and its latest success is the revolutionary Manger Sound Transducer.  As one reviewer said about the Manger p1 speaker, which features the Transducer: “I shall probably shed a few tears when they have to be shipped back to Germany.”

The Sound Transducer, with its unique bending wave principle, is faster than any regular membrane-drive speakers, because it doesn’t store any energy.  The benefits to the listener are apparent: a transparent, clear, room-filling three dimensional sound that can be enjoyed for hours. Listeners can perceive details that traditional speakers fail to reproduce.