Major MQA Announcements at the Berlin IFA Show

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Major MQA Announcements at the Berlin IFA Show

The following are three press releases announcing major MQA advancements.


London / Berlin | 31 August 2017 – LG Electronics (LG) unveils the V30, the latest in its V series of smartphones, which will be the first global MQA-enabled handset. The device will be made available worldwide over the coming month.

The LG V series is a premium flagship smartphone line designed to provide users with the highest multi-media capabilities and purest audio experience. MQA’s award-winning technology captures and reproduces the sound of the original studio master in a file that’s small enough to stream. The LG V30 handset features integrated MQA playback technology so that master quality sound recordings can be played back via the mobile device.

Mike Jbara, MQA’s CEO stated, “This is a great partnership with LG because MQA’s technology – delivering quality audio in a convenient file size – truly comes into its own on the mobile device. The V30 handset raises the bar in terms of offering an all-round premium user experience.”


London / Berlin | 31 August 2017 – MQA announces the integration of MQA technology into two of Sony’s new Walkman products, the WM-ZX300 and WM-A40 models. Both portable players are capable of playing back downloaded MQA music.

MQA’s award-winning technology captures and reproduces the sound of the original studio master in a file that’s small enough to stream and download easily. Sony’s Walkman is a premium high-resolution audio player designed to provide users with the purest audio experience.

Mike Jbara, CEO of MQA, stated, “Music lovers have a huge affinity for the Sony Walkman brand and we’re delighted that by integrating MQA into the latest portable Walkman devices, we can further expand opportunities to listen to master quality audio.”


London / Berlin | 31 August 2017 – Music technology company, MQA, announces a breadth of partnership news at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. Developed for convenient delivery and unmatched audio quality, MQA technology will now be embedded in LG’s new V30 smartphone, the first globally available MQA-enabled handset. MQA music playback will also be available on the two latest portable devices from Sony’s iconic Walkman brand, the WM-ZX300 and WM-A40 models. Both portable players are capable of playing back downloaded MQA music.

Said MQA CEO, Mike Jbara, of the latest news, “Our announcements at IFA illustrate the global presence and diverse footprint of MQA. We’re inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of our partners to keep pushing the opportunities to access master quality audio.”

New MQA Streaming Partners
Korean-based hi-res streaming service, Groovers, has confirmed it is working on MQA mobile and desktop implementation for its platform, due to launch by the end of 2017. This follows recent news from b2b digital music solutions provider, 7digital, that it will be powering a forthcoming hi-res streaming service, HDmusicStream, using MQA technology to deliver studio quality audio.

Current live music download partner,, offers thousands of on-demand concerts from artists including Metallica, Bruce Springsteen and Dead & Company. This autumn, the HiFi tier will offer MQA streaming on iOS and desktop players.

MQA Music Availability Grows
Universal Music Group, the world-leader in music-based entertainment, is working closely with MQA to encode its vast library of recordings in MQA's technology.

Further reinforcing MQA’s mobile footprint expansion, Pioneer and Onkyo will be showcasing TIDAL Masters mobile streaming on their latest Digital Audio Players, the XDP-30R and DP-S1 models, at the IFA trade fair.

Sonic Studio’s Amarra Luxe 4.1 media player, enabling all the benefits of the MQA experience for local playback and streaming of high resolution music, is scheduled for release in September 2017.

On the download front, Japan-based music store, e-onkyo music, has announced the expansion of their MQA music offering, with the addition of Warner Music Group’s hi-res catalogue in MQA, which will be available for the first time in the region in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Onkyo Music store, which serves Germany, UK and the US, will also be offering MQA music, as it rolls out a redesigned store front throughout September. Existing download stores, including HIGHRESAUDIO, continue to add more MQA music as it becomes available.

MQA will be supporting partner demonstrations at this year’s IFA, including new MQA hardware partner, iFi Audio, who will be showing their prototype micro iDSD Black Label DAC featuring MQA integration.

MQA continues to collaborate with the wider music industry to increase distribution of high quality audio to music lovers. MQA music is available in a number of download stores worldwide, including e-onkyo music, HIGHERESAUDIO and 2L.