Magico M5 Loudspeakers

Magico M5
Magico M5 Loudspeakers

For Magico lovers and the just plain curious, here's a little photo journal covering the delivery of the fabulous Magico M5 loudspeakers.

1) Here they are in their cartons on the delivery truck--about five hundred pounds in their crates ( the structure of the shipping crates has not been finalized yet, so this may not be precisely the same shipping crate in which the M5s will come to you when Magico starts shipping to customers):

 2) The truck driver uses a lift gate to gets them down to the street:

3) The mighty Elam brothers arrive to uncrate the speakers, get them in the house, and carry these 360-pound monsters up four double flights of stairs to my third floor listening room:

4) The shipping carton disassebles easily and the top and side parts of the crate slide away, leaving the speaker sitting on a cushioned base piece. 

5) The speakers come with (locked) casters attached to their aircraft-grade aluminum base plates. A small ramp (supplied) allows you to wheel the speaker off the crate's base (once the casters are unlocked) and onto your listening room floor (or, in this case, onto the pavement outside my house).

6) Here is the speaker, wrapped in plastic, fully removed from the crate and sitting on its casters on the sidewalk outside my house. Shaun Elam gives a thumbs up--so far so good.

7) The Elam Brothers are professional piano movers and incredibly skilled at safely moving large extremely heavy objects. After carefully dressing lifting straps beneath the speaker's bass plate, James Elam gives the thumbs up as the boys prepare to carry the M5 into my house and up to my listening room.

8) The boys make it to the first-floor stairwell and get ready for the long climb up.

9) They begin. You'll note that James tore holes in the wrapping around the speakers so that he could grasp the M5's enclosure by its sides. Under no circumstances should you move these speakers by grasping their front panels (where the drivers are located) or lift it by its aircraft-aluminum base plate.

10) The first landing.

11) On the way to the third floor:

12) The Magico M5 in my third floor listening room, still on its casters. I'll cover removing the casters, situating the speakers, and hooking them up in a subsequent post.