Live vs. Hi-Fi: Do You Hear the Difference?

Live vs. Hi-Fi: Do You Hear the Difference?

The following is a press release issued by TRPTK and Dutch & Dutch.

September 21, 2017 - TRPTK and Dutch & Dutch will do a unique demonstration at XFI Premium Audio Show 2017. The audiophile music label and the manufacturer of a new generation of high-end audio systems joined forces to give the XFI audience an experience they’ve never had before. Music that is recorded in an anechoic chamber in advance will be compared directly with that same music played live in the demo room. Do you think you’ll hear the difference?

“Live music is the ultimate reference”, says Brendon Heinst, recording engineer at TRPTK. Their mission is to capture the essence of the music as accurately as possible. “During mastering we need a reproduction system that lets us hear exactly what is on the recording, without adding anything or leaving anything out. That is why we use the Dutch & Dutch 8c’s".

High Fidelity in its essence is about accurately reproducing the original. The direct comparison with live music is the hardest test imaginable, for both the recording and the reproduction system. But Martijn Mensink of Dutch & Dutch nevertheless thinks it’s a great challenge.

“Most systems will fail instantly, but the quality of the recording is of equal importance”, says Martijn. “TRPTK is a young and ambitious music label that have made quite a new for themselves in a short period of time, and rightly so! Their recordings are among the very best you’ll find and without their help I would have never dared to do this challenging test”.