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Download Roundup - Leon Russell

Leon Russell

Leon Russell

Label: HDtracks
Genre: Rock/pop

From the meltingly beautiful “A Song for You” to the raucous closer “Roll Away the Stone,” this is an essential album from the master of Delta blues/ rock. I don’t own the original CD, but I did have on hand the Steve Hoffman re- mastered DCC Gold CD, which sounds terrific on low-level tracks. But the disc becomes quite strained when Russell hits full boogie mode. Fortunately, the 96k download is an improvement in every respect. Russell’s piano takes on welcome warmth and body, and his voice has greater immediacy. Too, there’s more air around instruments and dynamics are far more convincing. Most importantly, you can thoroughly enjoy the boisterous tracks without fear of cringe-inducing distortion. Although I recommend the 96k download unreservedly, the 192k version is even better. The two are very close, but the nod goes to the higher-res edition thanks to a hair more clarity, images that fill the stage more completely, and rhythms that are even more rollicking. Who would have thought that was possible?

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