Kronos Audio Now Shipping SSCPS

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Kronos Audio Now Shipping SSCPS

The following is a press release issued by Kronos Audio.

July 24, 2019 - Kronos Audio is now shipping it’s much anticipated SSCPS (Sparta Super Capacitor Power Supply).  Exclusively for those looking for the finest analog playback (outside of the Kronos Pro), Sparta now gets a major upgrade in performance with borrowed technology from the Kronos SCPS-1.

The SSCPS has energy storage that would make the largest amplifiers jealous.  This provides ultra clean power translating to incredible storage and filtering. SSCPS guarantees perfectly clean and stable DC to the acclaimed Maxon DCX Motors utilized in the Kronos Sparta.

Louis Desjardins worked for two years developing the SSCPS with the goal of bringing SCPS-1 performance to Sparta clients.  No modifications need to be done to the Sparta itself.  It is simply plug and play by swapping out the included power supply and connecting the two control wires, ground wires and power to the SSCPS.

Nothing was overlooked in the development of the SSCPS.  Louis went through painstaking efforts to eliminate parasitic vibrations throughout the chassis so only the cleanest DC would be transmitted.  Customized anti-vibration adjustable feet and distinctive materials were used throughout the chassis.

US retail is $9,500

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