KEF LS50 Loudspeaker

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KEF LS50 Loudspeaker

Britten pieces and Britten-inspired pieces from Alexander Desplat and Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh, and further contributions from Leonard Bernstein among others, proved to be a lush romantic workout for the KEFs, with terrific orchestral and percussive selections that exploited the speaker’s dynamic range and vivid timbral colors. Not to mention excellent dialogue intelligibility, with no subwoofer or center channel required.

Throw anything at it, the LS50 takes on all comers.

The LS50 is tuned for smaller rooms and is meant to take advantage of the room gain that can give mid- bass response a boost. However, there are always exceptions, and KEF provides elliptically sculpted foam plugs that are effective in reducing bass output a few decibels. These can be helpful in troublesome situations where the speaker setup is optimized for soundstage and imaging but where the room itself is over-boosting LF output, thickening the bass and thus masking details in key regions of the frequency spectrum.

The KEF LS50 is one of the most all-around-satisfying little speakers I’ve reviewed in some time. Construction and execution are exemplary. It delivers the kind of performance that deserves to be on a Wheaties box. And there’s an incalculable coolness factor that makes it a breath of fresh air. The LS50 also answers the classic question, “Who says you can’t teach an old box new tricks?”


Type: Two-way bass-reflex mini-monitor
Drivers: Uni-Q array, 1" tweeter, 5.25" mid/bass
Frequency response: 79Hz–28kHz (47Hz-45kHz, -6dB)
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 85dB
Dimensions: 11.9" x 7.9" x 10.9"
Weight: 15.8 lbs.
Price: $1500

GP Acoustics Inc. (U.S. Distributor)
10 Timber Lane
Marlboro, New Jersey 07746
(732) 683-2356