Keb' Mo': Bluesamericana

Album review
Keb' Mo': Bluesamericana

Keb Mo


Label: Kind of Blue Music
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

Three-time Grammy winner Keb' Mo’ returns with another trophy-worthy exploration of the human condition (notably his own) in various iterations of the blues as only he seems to imagine them. Consider the deftly executed archetypal Delta blues riff he fashions to kick off “I’m Gonna Be Your Man,” a teaser resolving into a slinky midtempo groove spiced with warm Fender Rhodes marginalia, walking bass, and steady, thumping drums underscoring a message of spiritual staying power addressed to a wayward gal. Keb’s sense of humor remains undiminished, notably in the New Orleans-style strut (with rousing clarinet and burping tuba parts) framing the comical reflections of a reformed hedonist lamenting the passing of his dissolute self in “Old Me Better” and especially in “The Worst Is Yet to Come,” wherein banjo, harmonica, B3, and a distaff soul chorus conjoin in stomping fashion in service to a hilarious litany of ever mounting personal woes. Then there’s Keb at his most penetrating and soulful, on “For Better or Worse,” a country-tinged balladic appeal to his significant other to stay the course with him. The uncluttered sonics support Keb’s aim for simplicity in all things musical and consequently render Bluesamericana all the more memorable.

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