Judee Sill: Heart Food

Album review
Judee Sill: Heart Food

Judee Sill

Heart Food

Label: Intervention
Media: LP
Genre: Rock/pop

Prostitution, drug addiction, and armed robbery were part of Judee Sill’s world before the folk singer-songwriter released two albums on Asylum in the early 1970s. Her demons were never permanently exorcised, and she died of a drug overdose later that decade. That sounds like the prescription for some downer folk, but while the lyrics confirm that Sill knew the dark side well, Heart Food, her second LP, is sometimes inspired to the point of transcendent. Rather than testify about feeling sanctified, Sill describes standing on the verge of a transformative experience; at times the future bliss seems so imminent that that even the anticipation brings joy. Religious imagery weaves in and out of the lyrics so naturally it seems the words of the Bible spoke as directly to her as they would to an early Christian. With strings, a wide range of instruments, and vocal overdubs, Heart Food has several layers, so it runs the risk of becoming congested, but the Intervention LP, mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio and pressed at RTI, sounds remarkably open and spacious, the warm sonics a perfect match for such heartfelt music.

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  • primary artist, Judee Sill

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