Join MartinLogan at the 2018 New York Audio Show

Join MartinLogan at the 2018 New York Audio Show

The following is a press release issued by MartinLogan.

November 2, 2018 - MartinLogan is proud to announce they will be demonstrating Neolith and Expression ESL 13A hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers for three days at the 2018 New York Audio Show. MartinLogan and Woodbridge Stereo/Video, a New Jersey MartinLogan Masterpiece Series dealer, will be providing demonstrations of the Neolith paired with Mark Levinson electronics including No 536 monaural amplifiers, a No 526 preamplifier, No 519 streaming audio player, and No 515 premium turntable. The Expression ESL 13A will feature the world premiere of the all-new Mark Levinson No 5805 and No 5802 integrated amplifier and will be premiering VPI’s new HW-40 direct drive turntable.

Speaker cables, interconnects, and power cords throughout the systems are being provided by Music Interface Technologies. The Neolith system will feature the world premiere of MIT’s ACC 169 (Articulation Control Console) speaker interface along with their Reference Series Oracle MA-X analog, digital, and phono interconnects as well as Oracle AC power cables. The Expression ESL 13A system will include MIT’s 2C3D Level 1 speaker interface cables and matching 2C3D Level 1 XLR line level interconnects, an Oracle MA Rev. 2 digital interconnect, and Predator AC power cables.

The New York Audio Show will once again take place at the luxurious Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South, one of New York’s most prestigious locations. At the show you will be able to check out the latest in high-end audio technology from loudspeakers and headphones high-resolution digital audio and turntables.

We invite you to join us in Salon A at the 2018 New York Audio Show

Salon A

Park Lane Hotel
36 Central Park South
New York, NY 10019

New York Audio Show Hours
Friday, November 9            12 PM–7 PM    
Saturday, November 10     10 AM–5 PM
Sunday, November 11        10 AM–4 PM


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