Jennifer Warnes: The Well

Album review
Jennifer Warnes: The Well

Jennifer Warnes

The Well

Label: Impex
Media: LP
Genre: Rock/pop

Jennifer Warnes is one of the most underrated pop singers of her generation. Her albums, though few and far between, brim with melody and craft—and lyrics both intelligent and emotionally weighted. The Well was originally released in 2001 but time hasn’t dulled its spirit. Along with the title track, standouts include “Patriot’s Dream” in duet with Arlo Guthrie, a stunning cover of Tom Waits’ “Invitation To the Blues,” and Dylan’s classic “Born In Time.” The songs are lovingly produced, inventively orchestrated, and stocked with a who’s who of studio musicians. But Warnes’ expressive vocals overshadow all. She’s a singer who asks a lot of her gifts, always searching for finer degrees of nuance and dynamics like a painter mixing color on a palette. The reissue from Impex Records (staffed by former Cisco émigrés) is a model for the premium LP industry. Its two-disc 45rpm 180-gram pressings are presented in an individually numbered wood box with a twelve-page, large format booklet that includes notes and lyrics. Bernie Grundman presided over the all- tube remastering. Sonically this about as good as it gets from a studio-bred multi- track—fabulous acoustic textures, deep bass, and awesome ambience. A vinyl- lover’s dream come true. 

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  • primary artist, Jennifer Warnes
  • LP

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