Is Sound Quality Enough?

Is Sound Quality Enough?

A press release from Monster came across my computer screen a couple of days back. It heralded an appearance by “World renowned designer/stylist Phillip Bloch” at Monster’s “Style360 Pavilion” during NYC’s Fashion Week.

While this might be a stretch, but I suspect that I know more about design than Phillip Bloch knows about audio. I also wonder how much, during his 3 ½ hours of allotted interview time, he will talk about sound? What I’m trying to get across here is that these headphones are NOT being sold on the basis of sonics, but style. This quote from the PR release reinforces this opinion, “The worlds of fashion, technology and music are merging in today’s headphones, going far beyond simply music listening to provide new and exciting ways for people to express their individuality and passion;”

Monster’s pitch, that headphones are an essential part of a fashionista’s wardrobe, AND that just like make-up and hairstyles, one’s headphone choice needs periodic updating to remain au courant may be just the thing to keep headphones flying off the shelves, but obviously it’s bound to rub hair-shirt audiophiles the wrong way. Instead of encouraging customers to strive for “The Best”, Monster is pushing for headphones as a disposable accessory, good for a “season” and then replaced by the newest, current look.

There’s a point where “lifestyle” headphones are more of a fashion accessory than an audio product, and Monster seems all too willing to cross that line.