Introducing the New Baetis Revolution II Media Server

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Introducing the New Baetis Revolution II Media Server

September 20, 2013 - Baetis® Audio is pleased to introduce the new Revolution II Media Server.  The CPU, motherboard, and ram of the Revolution have all been updated to include 3rd generation Intel Core iX chipsets and DDR3 1600 RAM.  The Rev II continues to provide the highest quality digital audio outputs for both the 2-channel audiophile and the multi-channel home theater enthusiast.  These outputs include the industry’s only 2-channel BNC-S/PDIF output that is isolated and dedicated – thus guaranteeing the best S/N ratios from your world-class DAC or pre/pro. 

The Revolution II continues to utilize JRiver® Media Center software in order to play all forms of media, with or without Digital Signal Processing.  These capabilities include the ripping and playing of Blu-ray files, and the playing of native DSD files that either are downloaded or professionally ripped from SACDs.  Bit-depths up to 64 bits and resampling rates up to 384 khz are only available via JRiver® on a high-powered computer, and the Baetis® computers are the very best platforms for JRiver® software, both in terms of quality and customer support. 

The Rev II is the only JRiver-based computer that utilizes special EMI-reduction material for its digital outputs, including our 2 HDMI outputs (for multi-channel audio and/or video), and our USB2.0 and USB3.0 ports.  No matter the brand name of your DAC or pre/pro, we can show you via an audition that our S/PDIF ports or USB ports sound the best.  Interestingly, some DAC makers say “USB will sound the best with our DAC” – but, often, our clients have found that our special S/PDIF output beats the USB sound, sometimes quite significantly.  It all depends on the maker of your DAC and the rest of your system’s components.  That is why we are the only high-end audio component-maker that provides a 90-day money back trial period so you can hear (and see) for yourself why we make the very best media servers.

We are also now designing our servers to work with the very best linear power supply units (PSUs) and LiFePO4 battery-based PSUs.  Please talk with us about these PSUs that can dramatically improve your audio (and video), and learn why our special Neutrik® DC connectors improve the quality of DC input to the server. 

Best of all, we have kept the Revolution’s price at $2995, in a black or silver all-aluminum chassis – a true bargain at today’s prices for high-end audio as a multiple of the actual cost of production.   And, our customer support via telephone and remote desktop software is still the best -- especially for those users with little or no experience with the JRiver® software.  Learn more at