Ian Tyson: Raven Singer

Album review
Ian Tyson: Raven Singer

Ian Tyson

Raven SInger

Label: Stony Plain
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

An alluring Canadian cowgirl whose mastery of buckin’ broncs defines her life; a fruitless sabbatical to Morocco in hopes of healing a broken heart; a quest to reunite with a paramour in Baja’s sunny climes; a wandering troubadour’s haunted yearnings; a mystic journey of self-discovery down the Colorado River; warm memories of a minstrel’s life and those who once journeyed with him before they were called home, bagpipes rising in homage to their persistent spirits; the enduring mythic pull of the legendary Goodnight-Loving cattle drive. Still a powerful storyteller, and arguably a more effective singer since his damaged vocal cords roughened his once-smooth tenor into a gritty, weathered instrument, Ian Tyson (half of the 60s’ folk duo Ian and Sylvia) is doubly compelling on Raven Singer, an evocative folk- country gem. Sonically, a bright, richly textured soundscape well serves both his arresting vocal delivery and the sensitive, complementary support of his tight, rootsy trio (supplemented by bagpipes, piano, mandolin, and steel). From the elegiac, southwestern shuffle of “Charles Goodnight’s Grave” at the outset, to the lilting, Spanish-tinged instrumental “The Yellow Dress” at album’s end, Tyson has you in his grip. Duly mesmerized, you daren’t leave

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  • primary artist, Ian Tyson
  • CD

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