High Performance Audio to be Showcased at New York Audio Show in April

High Performance Audio to be Showcased at New York Audio Show in April

New York, NY, Jan 24, 2013 – The magic of high performance audio takes center stage at the New York Audio Show, April 12 – 14, 2013 at the New York Palace Hotel.  Along with demonstrations from more than 75 companies, the show will host a number of special events including the exclusive sneak preview and private screening of Last Shop Standing - the official Record Store Day Film for 2013, and the Classic Album Sunday listening experience.

Produced by the Chester Group, this second annual show is designed to share the wonder of music through quality audio. “Our inaugural U.S. event last year confirmed that there is a strong desire in the New York area to experience music beyond mp3 players,” said Roy Bird, Chairman of the Chester Group.  “We are building upon that success with special events that will create even more excitement and we are thrilled that the New York Audio Show has been selected to preview the Last Shop Standing.

Receiving critical acclaim upon its release in the UK in September, the Last Shop Standing, tells the story of the rapid rise of independent music stores in the 60’s, 70s and 80s and the impact and influence that the best sellers chart, the demise of vinyl and the introduction the CD and other new technologies had on music stores.  The movie features interviews with more than 20 record store owners and music industry leaders as well as musicians including Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Norman Cook, Billy Bragg, Nerina Pallot, Richard Hawley and Clint Boon who share their stories about how these stores became and still are a part of their own musical education, places to cherish and discover new bands and new music.  The movie was recently selected to be the official Record Store Day 2013 film.

The New York Audio Show will also be home to the popular Classic Album Sunday Listening sessions, which bring together people who want to have an active experience listening to music on vinyl.  Founder Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy, will host the sessions featuring classic albums such as Talking Heads’ “Remain in Light”, Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn”, Love’s “Forever Changes” and more. Attendees can drop by, learn about the history behind the featured album, turn off (their phone) and tune in (their ears and mind), and listen to an uninterrupted replay of the album on vinyl on state-of-the-art audio equipment.

Classic Album Sunday sessions have been conducted throughout the world including Glasgow, London, New York City, Oslo and Tokyo.

Michael Fremer, editor of AnalogPlanet, will host daily workshops including a demonstration on how to properly set up a turntable, how to read the mastering and matrix codes on the lead-out grooves of your favorite records and a demonstration comparing how and why various pressings of the same album can sound radically different from one another.

Other special events as well as a series of clinics and seminars are also under development, with details to be announced in the coming weeks.  The exhibits and demo rooms will be located on the 4th and 5th floor conference center and the 9th, 10th and 11th floors of the hotel.  Exhibiting companies include Sony, Martin Logan, KEF America, PMC, Krell, Quad, Burmester, VPI, SoundStageDirect, Audeze,Woo Audio and Audio Note.  A full list of exhibitors can be found at http://www.chestergroup.org/new-york-exhibitors

The Chester Group has also expanded its show management team with the addition of Christina Yuin, Vice President of Exhibitions and Sally Goff, Events Manager, both of who have many years of experience in the high performance audio industry.  For the past 25 years, Yuin has served in sales capacities at a several publications including Tone Publications, Hachette Fillapacchi Media, Absolute Sound, Stereophile and Home Theater magazines.  Goff spent 30 years with McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. in  human resources, marketing and public relations roles.

Tickets are now on sale at http://www.chestergroup.org/newyorkaudioshow-tickets.

About The Chester Group

Founded in 2001, The Chester Group specializes in producing consumer high performance home entertainment and electronics shows designed to promote the benefits of quality audio and video products.  In 2013, shows will be conducted in New York, the UK and Melbourne, Australia and Sweden.

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