High-End Audiophile Company Rocks Industry With New Technology for Professional Musicians and Performers at NAMM 2016

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High-End Audiophile Company Rocks Industry With New Technology for Professional Musicians and Performers at NAMM 2016

The following is a press release issued by Morrow Audio.

January 11, 2015 | CINCINNATI, OH – Morrow Audio, a Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky-based high-end audio cable manufacturer, announced today that it is expanding its technology and cable product lines to meet growing demand among professional musicians, and stage and studio performers.   The company’s “PRO Series” guitar cable with “noiseless plugs”, product lines and “SSI Technology” will be introduced at the 2016 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) January 21 – 24 in Anaheim, California.

Thursday, January 21 – Sunday, January 24 – NAMM 2016, Anaheim, CA

Introducing: “The Phoenix” High End Guitar Cable with Silent Plugs provide noiseless transition for musicians to perform & switch cables during live performances or with a “cranked” amp.

Morrow Audio Phoenix Guitar Cable w/ Les Paul Demos & SSI Technology – Exhibit Hall “E” – Booth #1091

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Morrow Audio is a premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality audio cables and components for professional musicians, and stage and studio pros.  Rooted in expert listening and sound stage expertise in the world of high-end audiophiles, Morrow Audio has a wealth of knowledge and manufacturing experience that empowers its audiophile technology to be a perfected fit with musicians.  In fact, every cable product is made by Morrow technicians who are, by passion and hobby—musicians and guitar aficionados. 

The company implements its innovation through an exclusive SSI Technology which separates its handcrafted products, quality and uniqueness from competitors.  This technology is now available to professional musicians and performers wanting to perfect their presence, performance and recordings in stage and studio environments.  SSI consists of a proprietary silver-coated copper wiring that is “solid core,” “small gauge” and “individually insulated” giving listeners profound precision in their music and greatly reducing cable distortions common in most other cable designs. 

Morrow Audio’s customers span six continents in nearly 70 countries.  Every product is individually hand-crafted, customer-focused and quality-centered.  Morrow products provide musicians, audiophiles and music-lovers unmatched presence, power, clarity and realism to the listening and performing experience.  “With Morrow Audio, music transcends from an auditory experience to a physical reality creating opportunities for the listener to ‘feel’ and ‘be’ the music,” said company President & CEO Mike Morrow.                                                                                               

According to the 2015 International Blues Contest Winner, Noah Wotherspoon, Morrow’s guitar cable is a high caliber asset to any rig.  "I highly dig 'The Phoenix" Morrow Audio Guitar Cable—It is 'pure tone'...my older cables seem to 'deaden' the highs and nuances that the Morrow cable brings to life,” said Wotherspoon.  “The construction & design of the cable is beautiful.  I've been playing for over 20 years and this is by all means a high-performance cable."  The Phoenix cable includes shorting (silent) plugs that ensure a noiseless connection even when plugged into a cranked amplifier during live performances.  It also comes with varied mesh jacket color options revealing slick aesthetics unlike any brand on the market. 

Morrow cable lines also include speaker and phono cables, interconnects, iPod and headphone cables, subwoofer, digital, power cords, guitar cables and more.  The company launched a comprehensive branding program earlier this year with its tagline “A Sound Decision” claiming their stake in the industry worldwide.  Morrow Audio attributes their growth and attention, in part, to the SSI Technology that has had a remarkable impact on what listeners hear, feel and experience in their music.  “We stand by the delivery, quality and integrity of our hand-crafted products as the best in the world because they allow listeners, concert-goers and performers to experience beautifully and fully, a flawless and immersive sound—no one else has our technology,” Morrow said.

Morrow Audio prides itself in providing the highest quality cable products priced to fit varied budgets ranging from $49.99 to $3,999 and is known for its highly competitive and controversial 60-day return policy, Trade-up and Easy Pay programs.  For more information, contact General Manager of Public Relations & Marketing, Warner Allen at [email protected] or call (859) 356-6994.

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"Morrow Audio's wires performed like an old pro. Nicely weighted, with a solid midrange sweetspot, these wires had terrific low level resolving power, solid bass and good soundstaging and dimensionality...spiced up the harmonics and added just a bit more juicy texture and complexity to the sound. Overall, this was a cable that defied expectations in its range…Going forward, I expect its offerings will challenge many of the more highly regarded notables.  An impressive debut." – Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound 2016 Buyer’s Guide