Hegel Music System Set to Launch HD25 DAC

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Hegel Music Systems HD25 DAC
Hegel Music System Set to Launch HD25 DAC

November 9, 2012 - Hegel Music System are about to launch a brand new DA-Converter in a higher quality range than our existing line.

The new HD25 DAC open up new levels of resolution compared to our existing line of products.

While still having the same cabinet size as its smaller brothers, to keep the cost down, it is a hybrid between old and new Hegel technologies. The basic board lay-out is shared with the HD11/HD20. Many new ideas are picked up from the new Reference integrated amplifier – H300 – while other things are developed solely for the HD25.

NEW Features:

- Choose between plug&play 24/96 USB or high res 24/192 (driver necessary) with a switch on the back.

- Switch inputs without the remote. Simply by double tapping the front panel

- Choose digital filters with the supplied remote control

- Galvanically shielded USB inputs

UPDATED sonic qualities:

- New USB interface with greatly improved sound quality.

- Silicon Germanium transistors for extremely low noise floor

- Improved digital inputs (impedance matching)

- Improved volume attenuator with analog steps (reducing bit-loss)

- Improved re-clocking


- Official launch at CES 2013

- Press samples available End November 2012

ESTIMATED average retail prices:

- Europe: 2.000 Euro

- North America: 2,500 USD