Hear the new JA200 at Chicago's Kyomi Audio

Tubed preamplifiers
Hear the new JA200 at Chicago's Kyomi Audio

The following is a press release from Jadis.

June 6, 2017 - Chicago dealer Kyomi Audio is known for making wonderful music and hosting wonderful events. On June 10 at 4454 W Berteau Avenue, Chicago, IL at 3 PM, host George Vatchnadze will be working his magic again.

Also on demonstration will be: Jadis JP200 preamp, Vivid G1 Spirit loudspeakers, Air Force 3 turntable, MBL Reference Transport, Chord DAVE DAC, and more. Jadis JA30 and I-50 will also be on display.

Please join us, 3PM June 10 at Kyomi Audio, Chicago.

RSVP appreciated to george@kyomiaudio.com or 312-513-2759.

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