Grimm Audio Appoints Distributor for the US and Canada

Grimm Audio Appoints Distributor for the US and Canada

October 1, 2013 Eindhoven - Netherlands based Grimm Audio has chosen GTT Audio as its North American distributor of high performance consumer products. Grimm Audio, known in the pro world for their unparalleled master clock, converters and reference grade monitors, looks to GTT Audio for marketing and sales in North America for a new line of consumer products, most notability the international award winning LS1 loudspeakers and digital master clocks.

GTT Audio plans to build a network of dealers to make these products visible throughout North America. “I am very excited to have been chosen to represent Grimm Audio in North America. The Grimm System will attract many more music lovers because it simplifies the system and competes sonically at many times its price point.” says GTT Audio’s president, Bill Parish.

The LS1 Active Loudspeaker represents the next phase in high performance audio. It is an entire system comprised of a unique 76 bit DSP processor for correction, multiple NCore amplifiers, digital I/O, AD/DA’s and the same master clock circuits as the CC1, which made Grimm famous in the pro world. The LS1 encompasses everything you need for a system except the music itself.

GTT and Grimm Audio will premiere the LS1 in North America next week at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver (Room 537). Famed designers Bruno Putzeys and Eelco Grimm will be in attendance.

Grimm Audio

Grimm Audio was founded by four of the Netherlands´ best known audio engineers, Bruno Putzeys, Guido Tent, Peter van Willenswaard and Eelco Grimm, with the explicit aim of consolidating their collective competences into the most transparent recording and reproduction equipment possible.

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