Gold Note at Munich High End 2018

Gold Note at Munich High End 2018

The following is a press release issued by Gold Note.

May 3, 2018 - The Munich High End Show is coming and Gold Note is bringing its entire line of turntables to the event. For the first time all the turntables of the Italian manufacturer will be on display at the High End 2018, from the flagship Mediterraneo to the very smart and compact “entry-level” Valore 425 Light.

The Italian turntables are easy to spot having a curved plinth made of Italian Walnut, a special feature that gives them a very distinctive look. But what it’s not just for looks, truly this is all about the sound: the curved plinth enhances the overall rigidity of the structure thus providing superior sound quality and finer details. Basically the turntables will sound as good as rivals weighting twice as much.

Such functional design was achieved using complex algorithms to calculate the most rigid shape for any given mass and material.To actually make these curved plinths Gold Note trusts only the best Italian wood maker that carefully handcrafts each and every piece from start to finish. Every piece is unique.

Gold Note also offers Valore 425 Plus and Valore 425 Lite, two turntables with a more traditional look that might fool you: here the trick is still in the plinth but it’s not as visible. The boards are in fact shaped with precise cuts beneath the platter to reduce vibrations which again will result in a sound you’d expect from much heavier turntables.

The electronic motor controls regulated via Quadral-Core micro-controller and the high precision platter bearing/spindle design ensure that every detail is extracted from the venial groove.

The Italian turntables are going to be visible in the Gold Note booth in Halle 4, R17