Gil Evans: Out of the Cool

Album review
Gil Evans: Out of the Cool

Gil Evans Orchestra

Out of the Cool

Label: DOXY
Media: LP
Genre: Jazz

Goldenote, the Italian audio firm known for its Demidoff integrated amp, Stibbert Black Pearl CD player, and Tuscany Signature cartridge, has launched the DOXY record label dedicated to a pair of ongoing reissue series. The Grammy Award line will focus on award-winning titles selected for their artistic and technical excellence, the Legendary line on iconic LPs from the last century. The first two titles are Reiner’s famed Also Sprach Zarathustra and the Gil Evans title featured here—a brilliant study in group improvisation and his finest effort outside of his work with Miles Davis— with 28 more releases scheduled through 2013. All are mastered from original tapes on customized versions of Demidoff electronics, and Direct Metal Mastered to limited-run 180-gram LPs. Some titles will be two-LP 45rpm pressings, though others, like this one, are a single 45rpm LP. DOXY’s release stacks up well against my original Impulse as well as Analogue Productions’ recent reissue. The Impulse is mighty good; AP’s is airier and a bit warmer and more dynamic, while DOXY’s is clean, very pure and precise, with rich, lovely tone color, super-quiet backgrounds, and excellent dynamic rendering. 

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  • primary artist, Gil Evans Orchestra
  • LP

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