Germany's Lindemann Audio Makes US debut Courtesy of Bluebird Music

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Germany's Lindemann Audio Makes US debut Courtesy of Bluebird Music

December 9, 2014, Toronto: Bluebird Music has been appointed North American distributor for Lindemann effective immediately.

Lindemann was founded in 1992 and over the next twenty years established itself as a world leader in electronic design with a particular expertise in digital audio. Lindemann made its mark on the audio landscape with a number of firsts: it launched the first German SACD player; the world's first CD player capable of playing 24-bit/192kHz material via USB, and the world's first USB DAC to employ the AK4490 chip capable of handling 32-bit, 678kHz and DSD 256 data. Today, Lindemann continues to offer some of the world's most advanced, stylish and beautifully built DACs, streamers and amplifiers.

Winds of Change

In 2010, Lindemann began to consider what kind of products modern customers would want in the future. They believed there were music lovers who wanted to enjoy exquisite sound without having their living rooms taken over by big equipment racks filled with unsightly components.

As Lindemann was developing their next generation of ultra-high-end components, they thought: why not offer the best of both worlds: superhigh-performance audio delivered in an attractive, compact, multi-function livery that would visually disappear in the living room rather than dominate it.

Introducing the Musicbook Series

The result is the stunning new Musicbook Series. Musicbook is a high-performance no-compromise audio system. It is an attractive, compact, easy-to-use system that will accommodate virtually every source, analog or digital, and every output option, including headphones. The Musicbook series consists of three models, each having two variations.

Musicbook USB DACs and Network Music Players

Musicbook 10 and 15 are state-of-the art USB DACs featuring native bit-perfect DSD replay and playback resolutions up to 32-bit, 678kHz and DSD 256. Musicbook 15 builds on the Musicbook 10 with a highquality CD drive added.

Musicbook 20 and 25 are cleverly conceived high-performance network music players with well developed, mature control apps which make them extremely easy (and a sheer joy) to use. The Musicbook 25 adds a high-quality CD drive to Musicbook 20.

The four Musicbook models: 10; 15; 20 and 25, each feature multiple analog and digital inputs plus digital, single-ended and balanced outputs, so you can connect virtually any and every source you have to your Musicbook.

But what really makes the Musicbook series special, is that they all include a fully balanced studio-quality analog preamplifier with pure analog volume control and a built-in high-quality Class A headphone amplifier. With their thoughtful and high-end design, Musicbooks deliver dazzling musicality, transparency and neutrality for an audio performance other lifestyle components simply can't touch.

US retail prices are:
Musicbook 10 $4,495
Musicbook 15 $4,995
Musicbook 20 $5,495
Musicbook 25 $6,295

Canadian Retail is:
Musicbook 10 $4,995
Musicbook 15 $5,595
Musicbook 20 $5,995
Musicbook 25 $6,995

Musicbook Power Amplifiers

Musicbooks can also be connected directly to a pair of powered loudspeakers, an amplifier, or to the Musicbook 50 and 55 power amplifiers. The Musicbook 50 is a fully balanced Class D stereo power amplifier based on the patented UCD circuit concept which is regarded as being the best-sounding Class D design. With its all-discrete circuitry and careful fine-tuning (particularly Lindemann's short signal path design), the Musicbook amplifiers fulfill the sonic potential of Class D designs but without the usual drawbacks.

The Musicbook 50 will delight listeners with its exceptionally musical performance. It has excellent resolution and control along with a genuinely natural tonal balance. As a result, Musicbook amplifiers faithfully convey the emotion of the performance with the authenticity that music lovers demand.

The Musicbook 50 uses a high-current switch-mode power supply to deliver 80 watts into 8 ohms. The Musicbook 55 is a higher power configuration, boasting 240 watts into 8 ohms. It can also be bridged to mono for a room-shaking 450 watts.

US retail prices are:
Musicbook 50 $3,195
Musicbook 55 $4,795

Canadian retail is:
Musicbook 50 $3,595
Musicbook 55 $5,295

Other Features

Musicbook is engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and build quality is second to none. The casework is built from luxurious 6.5mm solid aluminum with no visible screws and a flawless anodized coating. A clever multi-function selection wheel and a striking vacuum-bonded OLED display, which is easily visible from a distance and off- angle, complete a very stylish package.

A standby function and intelligent power supplies provide exceptionally low energy consumption during operation. A full-function remote control is included, which can also control headphone volume. The well-conceived Musicbook App can run on any UPnP device, includes a playlist function plus all the features you'd expect from a well-tested, mature app, and it even controls CD playback! The Musicbook series shares matching dimensions of: 11" wide; 2.6" high and 8.7" deep with an average weight of 7.5lbs.

Musicbook will be sold through a network of highly skilled authorized dealers, and Bluebird Music is looking to authorize dealers on Musicbook now.

Lindemann at CES
See and hear Musicbook at CES in the Bluebird Music room: Venetian 29-221.

About Lindemann

Lindemann was founded in 1992 by Norbert Lindemann. In 1999 Lindemann became one of the world's first companies to release a CD player with upsampling technology. In 2001 Lindemann was the first German company to release an SACD player. Lindemann's dominance in digital design continued in 2008 with their USB-DCC which enabled a PC, music server or web client to be connected to a hi-fi system. In 2010 Lindemann's 825 HD Disk Player became the world's first CD player capable of playing music up to 24-bit/192kHz from a computer via its USB audio interface.

In 2014 the Musicbook 15 became the world's first USB DAC to use the new AK4490 converter chip from Japanese specialist AKM. The chip delivers state-of-the-art transparency and natural sound and handles resolutions up to 32-bit, 678kHz and DSD 256.

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