German Physiks Appoints New Canadian Distributor

German Physiks Appoints New Canadian Distributor

The following is a press release issued by German Physiks.

February 19, 2020 - We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Red Leaf Audio as our new distributor for German Physiks loudspeakers, electronics and cables in Canada.  Their president, David Jensen, has 40 plus years of experience in both the audio and music industries. During that time, he has worked for some of the largest audio companies in Canada and operated his own successful audio store while also maintaining a career as a recording engineer and musician and is currently working on an album of original material.  These factors along with his enthusiasm for our products made the appointment of David’s distribution company, Red Leaf Audio, an easy decision. We are confident that with his strong passion for music, work ethic and extensive technical knowledge, he will be able to provide our customers in Canada with the highest level of service that we demand from our import partners.

Red Leaf Audio may be contacted by phone at (905) 746-9333, or by email at [email protected].
For additional information please visit the Red Leaf website at