Genesis Line Source Loudspeakers Two Decades at International CES

Genesis Line Source Loudspeakers Two Decades at International CES

Seattle, WA – Genesis Advanced Technologies, manufacturer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems will be exhibiting in the High Performance Audio Showcase at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Suite #29-119, The Venetian, Las Vegas, January 8th to 11th 2013.

“This year is the beginning of our second decade in business,” said Mr Gary Leonard Koh, President and CEO of Genesis. “To mark the occasion, we will debut the line-source Genesis 2 Junior at CES – it is the biggest of our products that will fit through the door of our suite!”

The advantage of a line-source loudspeaker is that sound pressure level falls off at -3dB for every doubling of distance away from the loudspeaker instead of -6dB as with a point source loudspeaker. Hence, a point-source and a line-source loudspeaker with the same sensitivity at 1m will have a 6dB difference at 4m. The line-source loudspeaker will have double the sound pressure level at the listening position.

“Being a line-source, the G2jr is quite unique among loudspeakers generally available to the average consumer and it has several advantages,” continued Mr. Koh. “Because small changes in distance make less of a difference in sound pressure level with line sources, it has a sweet-spot that accommodates a couple or a family instead of just one person. Also, at the usual listening distance, it will be twice as efficient as the equivalent point-source loudspeaker. This makes the G2jr sound more dynamic and louder with the same amplifier power, or more capable with lesser powered amplifiers.”

“The ribbon midrange and ribbon tweeters have far less mass than conventional cone transducers. This allows the music lover to listen to music at a lower volume but with the same clarity and dynamics, allowing for late-night listening in a family room without bothering the rest of the family,” said Ms Carolyn Koh, COO of Genesis.

Measuring over 6-foot tall and weighing 220 pounds, the G2jr features a 48-inch midrange ribbon, a line-array of Genesis ring-ribbon tweeters, and twin 12-inch servo-controlled amplified subwoofers per channel.

About Genesis Advanced Technologies

Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-end, luxury and reference loudspeaker systems, amplifiers and accessories with a commitment to absolute fidelity® in product, performance, and service. The hallmarks of the “Genesis sound” are a top-to-bottom harmonic and rhythmic coherence, and believable “you-are-there” imaging and soundstage.

With a 40-year technology legacy, Genesis loudspeakers are often referred to as the “world’s best” when it comes to high-frequency clarity and bass extension. Going beyond high fidelity to absolute fidelity, Genesis loudspeaker systems deliver a frequency range from 18Hz to 40kHz using ribbon tweeters and proprietary solid metal-cone servo-controlled and powered woofers.

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