Funk Firm Releases New GETT! Turntable

Funk Firm Releases New GETT! Turntable

The following is a press release issued by The Funk Firm.

August 30, 2016 - The new GETT! from The Funk Firm brings a whole new level of performance to the budget-conscious vinyl-player market at $899.

The new GETT! is based on the fundamental principles that Arthur Khoubesserian’s turntables are known for….’music first’ !

The GETT! uses the foundation of the more expensive Flamenca, using a high-density acrylic-platter and Funks proven DC motor design with an O-ring rim drive, and Electronic speed control for accurate 33-1/3 and 45 rpm.

The new F7 pickup arm is a further refinement of the thread-bearing design first introduced in the F6 pickup arm. This unique suspension design works like a hybrid uni-pivot bearing with easy adjustments for VTA, antiskate, and azimuth. Note: the F7 is available separately as an upgrade for other turntables with standard Rega geometry, all black at $599.

The GETT is $899 w/Dust cover (not shown). Cartridge not included.

Contact: Brian Tucker at Pro Audio Ltd.
Phone: 847-526-1660