Focal Open's First-Ever US Retail Store

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Focal Open's First-Ever US Retail Store

The following is a press release issued byVervent Audio Group.

November 8, 2019 - Vervent Audio Group (VVAG), the audio and high-fidelity sound leader, is launching its worldwide network of Focal Powered by Naim flagship stores. Following Seoul and Lyon, the group has announced, it will open a store on Oct. 30 in the USA, in Scottsdale, Arizona. These stores, which join the exceptional acoustics of Focal with the unrivaled electronics expertise of Naim Audio, are the first steps in the group’s ambitious strategy to open six new flagship stores per year beginning in 2020.


Following the purchase of the Audio Plus Services and Plurison group, a leading distributor of high-end audio equipment in the USA and Canada, VVAG is pursuing its expansion strategy with its network of Focal Powered by Naim stores, where an audio product range without equal anywhere is available. The first Focal Powered by Naim boutique opened in July in Seoul, South Korea, a major market for highend sound. A second store, La Boutique du Son, the first of its kind in France, opened in September in Lyon. This month, the French and English brands cross the Atlantic and put down roots in Scottsdale, near Phoenix, a dynamic, growing region. Orchestrated with Mike Ware — the head of the LMC Home Entertainment distribution network, which VVAG has worked with for years — this opening is a major milestone in the worldwide distribution of audio equipment that is the benchmark in its field.


Focal Powered by Naim in Scottsdale is a space that lives up to the values of Focal and Naim Audio: experience-focused, prestigious, open to the world. Designed for personalized customer experience, this boutique will offer a unique journey through the product ranges, from hi-fi speakers to the ‘headphone bar’ via audio-streaming devices that are among the best in the world. Reflecting the expertise and the technologies shared by the two brands, this experience is exceptional. In this way, Vervent Audio Group meets the requirements of customers who wish to obtain audio products created by experts at the cutting edge of sound and design, to bring together luxury and sensational sound.