Esprit Audio Announces USA & Canada Distributor

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Esprit Audio Announces USA & Canada Distributor

The following is a press release issued by Esprit Audio.

France | November 2020 - Esprit Audio’s comprehensive range of high-quality audio and mains power cables is now available throughout the US and Canada via the high-end specialist distribution company, Rutherford Audio. With a solid reputation for importing the finest European designed and built audio products, Rutherford Audio, with bases in Vancouver and Denver, CO are one of the premier importers of audiophile equipment and accessories in North America.

Esprit Audio
Back in 1996, life-long music lover, Richard Cesari started making audio cables for himself and various friends. As is often the case, one thing led to another and he subsequently founded Esprit Audio as demand grew from audio enthusiasts. His

vision was simple: to make the best performing audio cable, using the best materials. Some twenty-five years later the company, based in the Cognac producing area of France, has grown exponentially and uses some of the finest materials available to produce system-performance enhancing cables at every point of the audio chain. Intensive R&D over many years has resulted in musically communicative products that deliver at all levels.

Esprit manufactures a complete range of quality cable products to suit every pocket and requirement, from the high performing entry level Alpha range to the superlative musical and audiophile standards of the Gaïa, the current pinnacle of Esprit’s expertise.

All Esprit cables utilise a symmetrical structure for conductors and an asymmetrical design for insulators. This combination ensures detail, dynamics and a super low noise floor with excellent tonal balance and consistent musicality free from any hint of to the sound.

Esprit uses only the highest quality OCC copper as the conductor, sourced from a consistently excellent supplier from Japan. Shielding and connector materials are, again, superlative quality for optimum musical performance.

Rutherford Audio
With comprehensive expertise and experience in high-end European equipment, Rutherford Audio is one of the most respected audio distributors in North America, with a wide range of dealers throughout the USA and Canada. Their carefully selected portfolio of products reads like a ‘who’s who’ of established brands, containing globally recognized names such as Burmester, Revox, Vertere and GoldNote.

On the new partnership, Esprit Audio’s Richard Cesari said: “We are very excited to work with Rutherford Audio for the North American markets. We have greatly expanded our export network over the past couple of years and being able to collaborate with such an established distributor is a great opportunity for Esprit. We are confident that American and Canadian audiophiles will fall in love with our cables.”

Robb Nieman, founder of Rutherford Audio commented: "We couldn’t be more pleased to work with Esprit. Richard and his team from Esprit are a classy bunch of passionate people simply trying to produce the best, and it shows in their product.”