Esoteric Announces Grandioso K1 SACD Player

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Esoteric Announces Grandioso K1 SACD Player

The following is a press release issued by Esoteric.

Upper Saddle River, NJ | February 13, 2017 - The supreme SACD Player reigning over all other single chassis models. ESOTERIC announced a new single unit SACD Player / DAC in the Grandioso line, the Grandioso K1 (MSRP: $27,000 U.S.D.).

The Grandioso series is the supreme range of Esoteric products. The Grandioso K1 takes its place at the pinnacle of this range as an all-in-one SACD player comprised of only the very best in luxurious materials expected of a flagship model. It adopts a high precision VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S transport mechanism and newly designed premium D/A converters with separate left and right power sources for each of its eight differential circuits. It also includes the AKM 4497, which is the highest performance DAC in the history of AKM1. Esoteric has also developed ”ES-Link Analog”, an original high quality current transmission method for connecting with the Grandioso F1 Integrated Amplifier. Furthermore, every last corner of its electronic circuits has been refined, such as its 35-bit D/A processing algorithm, an HCLD buffer amplifier including 125,000 μf super capacitors, and a high precision clock.

To put it simply, the Grandioso K1 opens up a new horizon for digital players.

About the Brand
The design goal of ESOTERIC is to recreate the original master sound. ESOTERIC is a high end audio manufacturer established in 1987. Based in Tokyo, all products (ranging from network audio players, SACD players, DACs to amplifiers) are hand built in our Tokyo factory to exacting standards. Cutting edge technologies, engineering excellence, state-of-the-art Japanese craftsmanship and passion for innovation, all coming together to unveil new dimensions in musical experience.

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