EnKlein Prairie Fire II Release

EnKlein Prairie Fire II
EnKlein Prairie Fire II Release

December 19, 2013 - The Prairie Fire II is our premium copper interconnect, using ultra pure continuous cast oxygen free conductors. The Prairie Fire II incorporates many of the concepts of the forthcoming “David” design at a lower price point.

These concepts include:

  • The revolutionary Dragon Skin EMISS Control shielding on the connectors.
  • Proprietary “Uni-Tube” sealed air tubes.
  • Patent pending Forward Feed Shielding technology.
  • Noise correction technology for each isolated conductor.

Whether you choose RCA or XLR termination, each core is made from premium materials.

  • RCA - 24 carat Gold plating over a pure copper base.
  • XLR - Billet brass with nickel over Silver plating’s.

The Prairie Fire II cable has excellent top to bottom balance with a detailed timbre and sense of spatial balance greatly exceeding expectations. The amazingly low noise floor and deep authoritative bass qualities contribute to an involving musical session. Immersing the listener into the music not a dissected HiFi session.

Prairie Fire II, a prodigy of the “David” design, easily competing with cables twice the price.

Pricing of $1700 (1 meter)