EnKlein Introduces Analog David Cable

EnKlein David
EnKlein Introduces Analog David Cable

EnKlein is proud to introduce the most technologically advanced analog cable ever offered to the audiophile community. Introducing, the solid silver “David”.

The technology involved in creating the “David” stems from our years of research and development in Government and Commercial signals/communication/power systems. This foundation incorporated into the research EnKlein conducts with each new cable has reached a pinnacle of achievement no other cable can match. Although to lengthy to describe in this press release a few of the technologies are:

  • Feed Forward Shield noise cancellation
  • Electromagnetic Interference System Shield (EMISS)
  • Dragon Skin Shielding technology
  • Patent pending shield energy dissipation controller

These technologies are all balanced to perfection in the “David” interconnection cable reducing or eliminating electromagnetic interference from the very low frequencies into the radio frequencies. The result is a cable design with performance so astounding it must be heard to be believed. Test ‘em and find out for your self just how good your system can sound. If you can find a cable with better performance you should buy it.

Pricing: $14,000/$16,000 (RCA/XLR 1st meter).