Egglestonworks Rocks the Grammys (well, sorta...)

Egglestonworks Rocks the Grammys (well, sorta...)

The following is a press release issued by Egglestoneworks.

MEMPHIS, TN | November 21, 2019: EgglestonWorks, the Memphis-based manufacturer of High End loudspeaker systems, was recently chosen by the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy™ to provide speakers for their “Member Mix Vinyl Listening Session.” The event took place on Monday, 11 November at Memphis’ Crosstown Concourse.

The Recording Academy is the organization responsible for the Grammy Awards™. The event was held to honor the important role Memphians have played in the resurgence of vinyl. “Memphis is a music city and EgglestonWorks product philosophy has been profoundly influenced by our presence here,” said Jim Thompson, President of EgglestonWorks. “We’re justly proud that our fellow Memphis music professionals chose EgglestonWorks for this important event.”

It is interesting to note that, of the twelve chapters of the Recording Academy, TWO are located in Tennessee. (There is also a Nashville chapter.)