Dynaudio Launches New Xeo Wireless Loudspeaker Systems

Dynaudio Launches New Xeo Wireless Loudspeaker Systems

Bensenville, IL - September 9, 2014: Danish loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio will present the North American premier of the second generation of the company’s Xeo wireless loudspeaker series at the 2014 CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado.

First unveiled at the 2012 International CES, the Dynaudio Xeo models established themselves as the first truly high-end wireless loudspeakers, and were subsequently honored with the prestigious EISA award, among many others, while earning rave reviews from both customers and the audio press all around the world. Masterfully combining groundbreaking loudspeaker technology in a beautiful, authentic and convenient platform, Xeo has essentially changed the attitude towards wireless loudspeakers in that such can now perform at a level accepting no compromise.

Making their North American debut at the 2014 CEDIA Expo are the Xeo 4 and Xeo 6 active, wireless loudspeakers. Elegant, compact, and exhibiting great value, Xeo comprises a pure high performance audio system that also happens to offer the convenience of wireless audio transmission. The value proposition is even higher when considering one doesn’t need to invest in amplification, digital/analog converter, related interconnects and of course loudspeaker cables.

The Xeo 4 and Xeo 6 models remain actively-powered loudspeakers with 100% lossless wireless audio transmission and multi-source/multi-zone system capability, while Dynaudio has implemented several improvements into the new second-generation platform to push the performance capabilities even further. The new Xeo models feature upgraded amplification, improved DSP performance, advanced tuning, the ability to accept high-resolution (24/96) audio files, while also receiving updated styling mirroring that of Dynaudio's new Excite series and greater convenience of operation. 

The compact Xeo 4 is powered by 2 x 50W amplifiers (100W per speaker), while the floor-standing Xeo 6 is powered by 3 x 50W (150W per speaker). They receive the wireless audio signal from the new Xeo Hub wireless transmitter, which can be placed up to 50 meters from the Xeo speakers in a typical home (100 meters in an open space). Virtually any component that can output audio can be connected to the Xeo Hub, which digitally transmits the wireless signal without compression to the partnered Xeo loudspeakers. Up to three sets of Xeo speakers can connect to one Xeo Hub, each with individual source selection and volume control.

The Xeo Hub wireless transmitter features Optical, Coaxial and USB digital inputs that each supports up to 24/96 resolution, while one stereo RCA and one stereo Mini analog input each are on offer to further expand the Xeo system possibilities. An Ethernet connection is also on offer to facilitate future updates. New multi-band technology in the Xeo Hub offers improved signal stability and reliability, as either the 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz or 5.8 GHz bands can be utilized for the wireless transmission.

Two new accessory models taking the same form factor of the Xeo Hub are also on offer: the Xeo Extender, which allows further expansion of the transmission range between the Xeo Hub and Xeo loudspeakers for applications where such is needed, and the Xeo Link, which wirelessly receives the audio signal from the Xeo Hub and passes it through its analog and digital outputs (allowing one to add a subwoofer, headphone amplifier, or to connect any other audio component to a Xeo system).

The back panel of the Xeo 4 and Xeo 6 models features a new Speaker Position EQ setting, which allows the Xeo’s performance to be optimized in room via a simple switch on the speaker to set the position for Neutral, (near a) Corner, or (near a) Wall placement.

Xeo’s new Auto Play feature automatically detects the connected source making convenience even easier for the non-technically inclined user. The Xeo Remote has also been updated and offers increased range and performance. Meanwhile, a new Interface Display atop the Xeo 4 and 6 cabinets offers visual feedback and the ability to power on/off, control volume and select input directly from the speaker without the need for the remote control.

The new Dynaudio Xeo models will be showcased in the Dynaudio exhibit in Sound Room 17 (SR 17) at the Colorado Convention Center during CEDIA, and will be shipping in the United Stated on September 15th. 

More information about Xeo is available online at: www.xeo.dynaudio.com.

  • Xeo 4 $2,300.00 per pair (Satin Black or Satin White Lacquer)
  • Xeo 6 $4,000.00 per pair (Satin Black or Satin White Lacquer)
  • Xeo Hub $300.00 each 
  • Xeo Link $175.00 each (optional)
  • Xeo Extender $175.00 each (optional)

About Dynaudio

Dynaudio was founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, and today is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality loudspeakers and one of the world‘s most distinguished high end audio companies. Dynaudio home audio loudspeaker models are recognized for their advanced driver technology which has been designed, engineered and continuously developed completely in-house, and for their furniture-grade, hand-crafted Danish cabinetry. Distributed in over 60 countries around the globe, Dynaudio produces a diverse range of premium loudspeakers for hi-fi and home theater, professional recording studios, automotive and OEM system applications. Dynaudio Professional is regarded as one of the foremost professional audio companies, and many of the world's most advanced studios are equipped with Dynaudio monitors, while Dynaudio loudspeakers have been selected as the official reference loudspeaker of the venerable BBC (British Broadcast Company) among others. Dynaudio Automotive serves the aftermarket automotive industry, bringing the company's technology and performance to the car audio market. Dynaudio also develops and produces true high-end factory fitted high fidelity loudspeaker systems for automobile manufacturers Volkswagen and Bugatti.

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